Offer - Model Venice

The doors with the iconic arch at the top is an option for customers who value, not only high quality materials, but also interesting arrangement solutions. The door is characterized by high versatility, so that they can be a decorative element to any interior.


Price starts from
Ask for Price *Price of the wing without the casing.

Available colours

Wing Construction

  • Indented Hinges
  • Glue-Laminated Wood Frame (Rails and Stiles) (Alder Wood)


  • Lockset: Lockcase, 72 mm, with key, Yale, WC
  • Hinges: ?czopowe? Screwed (60, 70, 80, 90 – Three Pieces)


  • Interchangeable: White Mat, Lakomat?, Frosted Glass?, Blinds, Satin, Chinchilla

Additional Equipment

  • Hinge Covers
  • Levels
  • Ventilation Openings
  • Sliding System for Build-up
  • Ventilation Undercut or Ventilation Separation
  • Casings: Solid or Regulated (Natural Wood)
  • Threshold (Saddle)
  • Laminated Wood Frame (Rails and Stiles) (Oak Wood)
  • Capacity to manufacture specialized interior doors to any sizes per clients specifications.
Additional images for this door model will be available soon.